Microsoft New Bing: AI chatbot became the ‘enemy’ of human, started quarreling with the user, not accepting the mistake

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Microsoft has recently launched a new feature on its search engine Bing called “Bing Chat”. This feature enables users to chat with an AI-powered bot and get answers to their queries. The bot, which is powered by Microsoft’s language model GPT-3, can understand natural language queries and provide relevant responses.

Microsoft New Bing
Microsoft New Bing

The launch of this feature has sparked a debate among tech enthusiasts about the implications of chatbots and AI-powered assistants. While some argue that it is a step towards more efficient and personalized services, others are concerned about the potential loss of jobs and privacy concerns.

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According to Microsoft, the purpose of Bing Chat is to make search more conversational and interactive, allowing users to have a more natural and engaging experience. The company also claims that the bot is designed to learn and improve based on user interactions, and that it does not collect any personal information.

However, critics argue that chatbots like Bing Chat are not a substitute for human interaction, and that they can never replicate the empathy and emotional intelligence that humans possess. They also point out that the widespread adoption of AI-powered assistants can lead to job losses in certain sectors.

Overall, the launch of Bing Chat is a significant development in the field of AI and search engines. While it has the potential to make search more efficient and personalized, it is important to consider the ethical implications of AI-powered assistants and ensure that they do not compromise user privacy or replace human workers.

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