Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review 2022: Arun Vijay and Arnav’s uneven film is a treat for dog lovers – Very Useful

Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review, Oh My Dog movie review: Arun Vijay’s sweet, sappy film bogged down by commercial platitudes and predictable writing

Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review 2022

Director Sarov Shanmugam’s Oh My Dog brings together three generations of actors – Vijaykumar, Arun Vijay and Arnav Vijay. The film is a treat for dog lovers, but the uneven screenplay is a letdown.

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When actors from three generations come together for a film, you know it’s going to rekindle nostalgia. Oh My Dog, along with veteran actor Vijaykumar, his son Arun Vijay and his grandson Arnav Vijay, the family has attempted to make a lovely film about dogs, backed by Suriya and Jyothika. Directed by Sarov Shanmugam, Oh My Dog is an adorable film full of prophecy. If you are a dog lover, you are in for a treat.

Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review
Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review

Oh My Dog begins with Fernando (Vinay Rai), a wealthy dog ​​owner, who raises the best of dogs. His dogs have been winning international dog shows consistently and he is just one victory away from setting a world record. One day, he decides to kill a puppy because he was born with blindness. The puppy runs away. Little Arjun (Arnav Vijay) finds her and raises her. The decision came later after Fernando was bitten at a dog show.

Oh My Dog’s script has great ideas (with good intentions) and it gets recorded in the first few minutes. We see Arjun enjoying nature and a kind child. He is a creative young mind who has a soft corner for pets. We also see that he becomes protective when friends make fun of his blind dog. The film establishes that disability is natural and should not be made fun of. And it is a real treat for dog lovers to see Arjun bonding with puppy Simba (Siberian Husky).

Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review: Overview

Post NameOh My Dog Tamil Movie Review
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DirectorSarov Shanmugam
WriterSarov Shanmugam

However, Oh My Dog suffers from predictability. It seems the director is confused as to how to peg the film. Oh My Dog is a movie for kids or for people of all age groups? Fernando has two companions, who are given the task of killing Simba. But, the characterization of the two sidekicks is just too ridiculous to think. Even Vinay Rai’s acting seems different from the whole film.

Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review

Oh My Dog also talks about good parenting, being a good son to a father, compassion, and family issues. The complicated screenplay brings down the overall feel-good factor. You already know that Simmba is going to win everyone’s heart. But, the so-called strategy that Fernando follows dates back to the 90s.

Arnav Vijay has given a clean performance and his bonding with Simmba makes the film even more entertaining. He still has a long way to go and has a lot of potential to become a solid actor. Arun Vijay as a doting father is perfect for the role. It is a pleasure to see Vijaykumar as a grandparent. Mahima Nambiar is also enough as a caring mother.

Oh My Dog is a feel-good film with an uneven script. His dealings with pets and his bonding with people makes the film just fine.

Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review 2022

Oh My Dog Movie Review: Lately, the Tamil film industry has been exploring the association of humans with pets and the emotional upheaval involved in the same. While the West has given some great films based on such subjects, we are yet to live up to their standards. O my dog! It revolves around a pure bond between a blind Siberian Husky and a school going child. It is also about how the disabled should not be looked down upon; Be it human or animal, they have every right to live in this world. Though director Sarov Shanmugam intends to sleep here, what haunts us is the cliched screenplay which targets only children, loses its sensibility.

The film begins with Fernando (Vinay), a proud dog owner who has consistently won international dog shows with his high quality trained breeds. Her decision to weed out a puppy born with blindness comes a year after her reputation was tarnished as her child Arjun (Arnav Vijay) rescues and raises her.Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review

Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review

The plot isn’t overly unexpected as we know from the beginning that the rescued puppy is going to win hearts in the end. But how the story reaches this point is what can keep such a plot interesting. However, oh my dog, wobbles a bit despite the moments here and there.

Arnav Vijay’s performance in his debut is commendable, but he has a long way to go. For his age he has given his best. However, the sequences involving Husky, Simmba keep us hooked. Many of the cliched supporting characters are a detriment to the plot, but the saving grace is that they have little screen time and their absence elevates the second half.

Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review

The story has a lot of scope for realistic portrayal of the bonding between Simmba and Arjun. But some commercial elements take us away from the narrative. That being said, oh my dog! Not a painful time. Children may enjoy the film, but its universal theme could have been better portrayed.

Arun Vijay’s character sketch and his flashback sequences are certainly interesting. He plays the role with ease as always. Mahima Nambiar is also mine

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Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review,Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review,Oh My Dog Tamil Movie Review

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