Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse – Very Useful

Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse. Complete Information is given to you in this article. so read this article till end.

Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse

Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse: The announcement this Friday is still creating a great deal of buzz among the fans of Victoria 3 Maps , and there are still many enthusiasts who’re trying to learn as much as they can about the game from the materials already available.

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Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse
Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse

You have gotten the right location if you ‘d like to find out about Victoria 3 Maps. All the game maps can be found here for your study.

About Victoria 3 Maps

Paradox Development Studio and Paradox Interactive s Virginia 3 is a thrilling grand strategy computer game. It was released on October 25, 2022, and is a sequel to the game Victoria II, which was released in 2010.

Even if you choose to play any of the more than a hundred nations that existed between 1836 and 1936 in Victoria 3, you can move on to this Victoria 3 Maps walkthrough.

List Of Victoria 3 Maps – Best Maps

According to the worldwide mapping data on the STEAM page of the most recent Victoria 3 video game map, these maps depict the virtual world of the game. No reference points exist on the map due to their generous size, but anyone who has prior knowledge about the Victoria II video game will doubtless be familiar with its main characters.

In addition to that, we expect releasing the regional Victoria 3 maps with names that are more specific in the future. Therefore, we will furnish you with additional info and a high-quality map.

CountryAmount of GoldGold Resource
Alaska12Gold Field
Yukon Territory12Gold Field
British Columbia8Gold Field
South Dakota8Gold Field
Colorado8Gold Field
Arizona5Gold Field
Nevada15Gold Field
California12Gold Field 
Sonora6Gold Field
Zacatecas4Gold Field
Guerrero3Gold Field
Oaxaca2Gold Field
Guayana12Gold Field 
Cajamarca4Gold Field
Minas Gerais8Gold Field
Araucanía4Gold Field
Northern Cape, Tswana Northern Cape, Griqualand8Gold Field
Vrystaat16Gold Field
Transvaal12Gold Field
New Zealand (Ngati Toa South Island, Ngati Toa, New South Welsh North Island, South Island, North Island)10Gold Field
Van Dieman’s Land6Gold Field
Victoria6Gold Field
New South Wales12Gold Field
Western Australia8Gold Field
Brunei8Gold Field
Indonesia (Pontianak, Sintang, Dutch East Indies West Borneo, Lanfang, Sambas)6Gold Field
Hokkaido (Japanese Hokkaido, Ainu Mosir)8Gold Field
Outer Manchuria8Gold Field
Chukotka4Gold Field
Yakutsk8Gold Field
Bajio4Gold Mine
Lima6Gold Mine
La Paz4Gold Mine
Potosi4Gold Mine
Santiago5Gold Mine
Tucuman3Gold Mine
Minas Gerais2Gold Mine 
Asturias4Gold Mine
Tyrol2Gold Mine
Mysore4Gold Mine
Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse
  • White – Decentralised nation
  • Coloured – Centralised nation

Check Victoria 3 World Map on full screen – Click Here

Victoria 3 Gold Map

The precious resource that is used in the creation of many different valuable materials is known as gold in Victoria 3. As a result, nations with flourishing economies will desire gold to a greater degree, which will drive its price higher.

In order to obtain gold, you are going to need to acquire a gold mine or establish strong trade routes with countries that already have their supply. Both gold mines and gold fields can be found in the game, but gold fields often provide more currency.

Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse

Finding a gold mine takes more time, and gold fields typically become mines after their in-game resources have been harvested.

In this table, you’ll find a breakdown of the game world’s provinces that contain gold resources, along with the total amount of gold in those provinces.

Victoria 3 Oil Map

Without access to oil, countries may struggle to produce fuel ideal to start the Victoria 3 game. Oil becomes an essential part of a country’s progress as nations develop technologies to extract it.

If you want to keep sticking to the game world, make sure to not neglect trade for oil.

Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse

See the map below for a list of the game’s real oil resources, as well as a table listing the powers by their country’s total undiscovered oil.

Here is a table of Victoria 3 countries with oil

CountryAmount of Oil 
East Borneo60
Rio Grande50
Trucial Coast40
West Galicia36
La Paz30
Libyan Desert30
Santa Cruz30
East Java20


This Victoria 3 Games playbook guide will help you. If you find yourself stuck at any moment while navigating through Victoria 3 Games, this toolkit will offer you assistance. If you have any feedback or troubleshooting suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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