Elvish Yadav GF Punjab

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Elvish Yadav GF Punjab

Elvish Yadav’s girlfriend’s name is Kirti Mehra. They were in a serious relationship for about 6-7 years. However, they had a breakup.

Elvish Yadav GF Punjab

There are also videos on YouTube discussing Elvish Yadav’s girlfriend, including one where Kirti Mehra expresses her desire to marry him.

Kirti Mehra is also known for being the girlfriend of the famous YouTuber Elvish Yadav.

elvish yadav gf instagram

Elvish Yadav does not have a public girlfriend at this time. He was previously in a relationship with Kirti Mehra, but they broke up in 2022. Kirti Mehra’s Instagram handle is @kirtimehra31.

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