This holiday season, Epic is giving away 15 free games – Very Useful

Epic is giving away 15 free games: The 15 Days of Christmas promotion now returns to the Epic Games Store after a one-year hiatus. From now through December 29, you may download one free game per day from the Epic Store. This is your chance to stock up on free games to enjoy over the holidays; normally Epic gives away one or two free PC titles per week.

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This holiday season, Epic is giving away 15 free games

Popular games from the AAA and indie communities have recently been featured in advertisements. Alike opening presents on Christmas morning, you won’t know what your surprise gift is until you open it up. The element of mystery adds a certain amount of suspense to the pleasure. The artwork on the next freebie will be wrapped around to show up with hints about the identity of the freebie.

We need to remain insistent that this promotion offers free video games is only available for one day. To ensure that you won’t miss out on any of the action, we recommend that you make your recurring reminder for Sunday mornings at 8 AM PT 11 AM ET, during which time every game will be broadcast live. From 2023 on, there will be no weekly freebies.

This holiday season, Epic is giving away 15 free games

This year’s celebration of Christmas was made to begin with the release of Bloons TD 6, the sixth incarnation of the Bloons tower defense series.

Fortnite, PUBG, Fall Guys, and Warframe are all part of the Call of Duty franchise. Before January 5, 2019, Epic is holding a holiday deal.

Numerous retail stores, not only The Epic Games Store, are celebrating the end-of-year holidays by giving away free video games. Beginning on December 27, Amazon Prime members are eligible to receive 10 free games.

Epic Games Store – 15 Days of Christmas free games

  • December 15 – Bloons TD 6
  • December 16 – ???
  • December 17 – ???
  • December 18 – ???
  • December 19 – ???
  • December 20 – ???
  • December 21 – ???
  • December 22 – ???
  • December 23 – ???
  • December 24 – ???
  • December 25 – ???
  • December 26 – ???
  • December 27 – ???
  • December 28 – ???
  • December 29 – ???

Conclusion – Epic is giving away 15 free games

After reading all of the information regarding this season, Epic is giving away 15 free games above, the reader should know more concerning what it means to you and why it’s important to Epic. You may leave a review under the section to get valuable feedback if you have any inquiries or concerns.

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Does Epic Games actually give free games?

Epic Games Store presents you a free game every week. Play the game repeatedly for the exclusive offers. Download a free game today or join a free-to-play game community.

Why does Epic Games keep giving free games?

Fortnite, a popular game genre, is incredibly popular on platforms such as Steam. Epic Games Store, an online video game store, strives to compete with Steam by becoming more generous by giving away video games regularly.

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