Farmer Wants a Wife 2023: Read more about the couples who are still together

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Farmer Wants a Wife 2023

Farmer Wants a Wife” is a reality TV series that premiered in 2023. The show features four farmers and 32 women who meet and mutually decide if any connections, love, or futures can be found, all while in their farm settings. The women leave their “big city” lives to live on a farm and potentially find their future spouses.

Farmer Wants a Wife 2023

The 2023 season of Farmer Wants a Wife Australia aired from March 8 to June 20, 2023. It featured four farmers from across the country:

  • Brad, a 33-year-old beef cattle farmer from Cootamundra, New South Wales
  • Brenton, a 26-year-old sheep farmer from Darriman, Victoria
  • David, a 30-year-old dairy farmer from Tumut, New South Wales
  • Jake, a 28-year-old cropping farmer from Carnarvon, Western Australia

Each farmer met with a group of 32 single women, and they had the opportunity to get to know each other over a series of dates and challenges. In the end, each farmer chose one woman to be their partner.

Here are the couples who are still together from Farmer Wants a Wife 2023:

  1. Brad and Clare
  2. Brenton and Sophie (until August 2023)
  3. David and Emily
  4. Andrew and Claire

It is not yet known if Jake is still with his chosen woman, Jess.

The 2023 season of Farmer Wants a Wife Australia was a success, with high ratings and positive reviews. The show was praised for its heartwarming stories and its positive portrayal of rural life. It is likely that there will be a 2024 season of Farmer Wants a Wife Australia.

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