Free Fire MAX Light Fest redeem codes 2022: Get exclusive rewards for free, CHECK HOW to get them, ALL DETAILS – Very Useful

Free Fire MAX Light Fest redeem codes: Get exclusive rewards for free, CHECK HOW to get them, ALL DETAILS. So Read This Article Till End

Free Fire MAX Light Fest redeem codes

Free Fire MAX Light Fest redeem codes – Get exclusive rewards for free, CHECK HOW to get them: The numbers have not yet exceeded their peak point. the community is vibrant while sign picture developers are getting ready to Livestream a recording on Free Fire MAX India’s youtube channel at 8:30 pm on 21 October.

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Free Fire MAX Light Fest redeem codes
Free Fire MAX Light Fest redeem codes

The player contains great excitement as you anticipate what will occur. Recent leaks confirm there will be code redemption opportunities and players can expect to get heaps of unique rewards by redeeming those codes.

Free Fire MAX Light Fest Event

The Light Fest series has provided a great opportunity for the community to experience different kinds of activities and acquire unique rewards. The peak day will be celebrated on 24 October with abundant rewards up for grabs. A Livestream will be available on the official Free Fire MAX India YouTube channel to celebrate Diwali. It will start at 8:30 PM IST and last two days, till October 23, 11:59 PM IST.

Free Fire MAX Light Fest redeem codes

22nd October 8 PM code – LIGH TUXJ DRQX
22nd October, 7 PM Code- LIGH TW27 8NG7
22nd October, 6 PM Code- LIGH TA66 F3HN
22nd October, 5 PM Code- LIGH TKAQ GTNV
22nd October, 4 PM Code- LIGH TFH4 NYAP
22nd October, 3 PM Code- LIGHT YXJP SWQR
22nd October 2 PM Code- LIGH TT73 WNER
1st hour Code- LIGHTN98Q7YK4
2nd hour Code- LIGHTNYVAFEY5
3rd hour Code- LIGHTTMQZ37D
4th hour Code- LIGHTFT2KFZV
5th hour Code-LIGHTFY3CDW8
6th hour Code – LIGHTE3MJH7A
7th hour Code- LIGHT78RNXUZ
8th hour Code- LIGHTU95VXHX
9th hour Code- LIGHTG8J4PA33
10th hour Code- LIGHTCUBDM5R
11th hour Code- LIGHTWWB8F2H
12th hour Code- LIGH TUGU THAW
13th hour Code – LIGH TGG9 K8X8
14th hour Code- LIGH T5YV NEVB
15th hour Code- LIGH TY7B Z24F

During the stream, the developers have prepared bonuses for players and drops every hour. The rewards given are 20x Weapon Royale Voucher, 29x Incubator Voucher, and Weapon Loot Crate; however, it is worth mentioning that the description of the stream shows that the participants have a chance to achieve the Elite Pass, 10,000 Diamonds, and a Divinity Blast Gloo Wall.

Based on popular rumors and leaks from data miners, this typically means that developers will likely be making rewards that could be redeemed using redemption codes.

Hence, players have to wait official confirmation for the blockchain info. Players will get the official announcement just when the stream begins. Hence, stay tuned for more details.

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