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Minecraft Armor Trims 1.20 update

The 1.20 update for Minecraft has seen limited information released so far in 2023, but recent preview snapshots have unveiled new features set to be included in the full update.

Minecraft Armor Trims
Minecraft Armor Trims

The 1.20 update for Minecraft includes a new feature known as “armor trims,” which allows players to customize the appearance of their armor by applying different patterns to it, giving it a new and improved look.

“Players in Survival and Adventure Mode often spend a significant amount of time wearing armor, making it important for it to not only be functional but also fashionable.”

“Players of Minecraft’s Java Edition who try snapshot 23w04a should be familiar with the new feature of armor trimming.”

Minecraft 1.20’s armor trims offer no gameplay benefits or additional boosts

“Thanks to developers at Mojang and players testing the new snapshot, there is a lot of information available about armor trims in Minecraft. Though the specifics may change before the 1.20 update, it is likely that the core gameplay elements of armor trims will remain the same at release.

“Using a smithing table, players of Minecraft can add various cosmetic trims to all armor of iron quality or higher, with the exception of leather armor which can only be customized with dyes. These trims offer no gameplay advantages, but they do provide players with a way to express their personal style while exploring their worlds.”

“To add trims to armor in Minecraft, players need to obtain smithing template items. These templates can be found through looting generated structures and can also be replicated by combining seven diamonds, the material of the smithing template, and an additional smithing template.”

“Players will need to search through generated structures to locate the specific smithing templates they desire, as there are a total of 11 different armor trim templates available.”

Where to Find Each Armor Trim Smithing Template in Minecraft

  1. Coast Trim – Shipwreck chests
  2. Dune Trim – Desert temple chests
  3. Eye Trim – Stronghold chests
  4. Rib Trim – Nether fortress chests
  5. Sentry Trim – Pillager outpost chests
  6. Snout Trim – Bastion remnant chests
  7. Spire Trim – End city chests
  8. Tide Trim – Ocean monument chests
  9. Vex Trim – Woodland mansion chests
  10. Ward Trim – Ancient city chests
  11. Wild Trim – Jungle temple chests

“After obtaining the desired smithing template, players of Minecraft will need to use various materials to apply it. The color and shine of the trim will vary depending on the material used.”

“Players can apply a total of 10 different materials to smithing templates. However, it should be noted that it is not possible to apply a template of the same material to armor of the same type (e.g. iron trims cannot be applied to iron armor).”

All Armor Trim Materials in Snapshot 23w04a

  1. Amethyst Shards
  2. Copper Ingots
  3. Diamonds
  4. Emeralds
  5. Gold Ingots
  6. Iron Ingots
  7. Lapis Lazuli
  8. Nether Quartz
  9. Netherite Ingots
  10. Redstone Dust

“With the necessary template, materials, and armor ready, players can use a smithing table to add trims. By placing the items in the appropriate slots and using the smithing table, players can create trimmed armor and display their individual style by equipping it.”

FAQS – Minecraft Armor Trims

Can you apply trims to leather armor?

No, trims can only be applied to armor of iron quality or higher. Leather armor can only be customized with dyes.

Is there any gameplay benefit to using trimmed armor?

No, trims are purely cosmetic and do not provide any gameplay benefits or additional boosts.

Can you apply a template of one material to the armor of the same type?

No, it is not possible to apply a template of the same material to armor of the same type (e.g. iron trims cannot be applied to iron armor).

How many different materials can be used to apply trims?

A total of 10 different materials can be used to apply trims.

How many different smithing templates are available?

There are 11 different smithing templates available for armor trims.

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