Sara Ali Khan Gaslight Movie Review 2023

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Gaslight Movie Review 2023

Star CastSara Ali Khan, Chitrangda Singh, Vikrant Massey, Akshay Oberoi, Rahul Dev, and ensemble.
DirectorPavan Kirpalani
What’s GoodDOP Rahul Dharuman is trying to create fresh visuals with restrictions. Vikrant Massey is trying to make this all look fresh.
Whats BadThe same old blueprint that makes things supremely predictable.
Loo BreakIf you have seen enough Whodunits, you have solved a big mystery initially. Take one whenever until the final 10 minutes.
Watch or Not?If you do not have any other option and want to find some merit in a movie directed by a filmmaker who also has Phobia in his filmography, this one is a good exercise.
LanguageHindi (with subtitles)
Available OnDisney+ Hotstar
Runtime111 Minutes
User Rating
Sara Ali Khan Gaslight Movie Review

Sara Ali Khan Gaslight Movie Review

According to the Sara Ali Khan Gaslight Movie Review, Sara Ali Khan’s performance in the film is not very impressive. The reviewer states that her emotional scenes do not land well and her jump scares are also not effective. It seems like she is not offering anything new in her portrayal of the character Meesha.

Gaslight Movie Review: Script Analysis

According to the Gaslight movie review based on Script Analysis, the filmmakers of Whodunit movies need to evolve their cinema, just as the audience has evolved over the years. The audience is well aware of the clichés and stereotypical tropes used in these movies, and the job of a filmmaker is to surprise and shock the audience by presenting a fresh take on these tropes. However, Gaslight fails to do so, as it relies too heavily on the same old blueprint and does not offer any newness to the genre.

The movie is stuck in time and fails to justify its stereotypical tropes with newness. For instance, the movie’s setup revolves around a daughter coming back to her father after years, but the movie takes no effort to explain why the daughter left in the first place. Similarly, there are several loopholes in the script, such as the convenient escape routes for the killer and the lack of concern for the daughter’s whereabouts from her family.

While the director tries to convey a message about the Have nots trying to rise above their destiny, the constant use of dark alleys and rooms dilutes this message. Moreover, the final 10 minutes do offer some redemption, but it comes at the cost of investing two hours.

Gaslight Movie Review: Star Performance

  1. Chitrangda Singh has a powerful screen presence but is given a back seat after a point.
  2. Vikrant Massey tries his best but the writing doesn’t let him shine.
  3. Sara Ali Khan’s performance is not new from what she has done in the past, and emotional scenes fall flat.
  4. Akshay Oberoi plays a stereotypical character with no variation.

Gaslight Movie Review: Direction, Music

Pavan Kirpalani, known for his thrillers like Phobia and Ragini MMS, dilutes his own style in Gaslight, opting for a more stereotypical approach. The film seems more like an episode of Fear Files than a Kripalani directorial, and the use of jump scares and clichés makes it predictable and underwhelming.

DOP Rahul Dharuman tries his best to create fresh visuals, but is limited by the film’s restrictive script. The music is used to create intrigue and scares, but the loudness often ends up being more bothersome than scary.

Gaslight Movie Review: The Last Word

Gaslight fails to bring anything fresh to the table and gets lost in the same old clichés that the genre is known for. Despite some good performances by the cast, the writing and direction lack originality, making it a forgettable watch.

Sara Ali Khan Gaslight Movie Trailer

Sara Ali Khan Gaslight Movie releases date 2023

Gaslight releases on 31st March, 2023.

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